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Stop Foreclosure In Los Angeles, CA With Help From A Foreclosure Expert

Just Imagine How Much Happier Your Life Would Be Next Month If A Highly Skilled, Objective, and Compassionate Real Estate “Stop Foreclosure Expert” Had Helped Your Family Stop Foreclosure This Month…

It May Be Time For A Change:

  • Perhaps you’re fed up with getting collections calls and letters from the bank asking where your mortgage payment is and threatening to take your home.
  • Or, you’re waking up in the middle of the night, filled with anxiety and uncertainty about the house.
  • You may wonder what will happen and how much time you have before the bank takes your home. Where will you move?
  • Or, maybe you’re upset about the beating your credit will take when you have a black mark like a foreclosure on your credit score.
  • Have you thought about declaring bankruptcy, but aren’t sure whether that will solve the problem?
  • You may have heard about something called a “short sale” – but don’t know what that is or how it can help you?
  • And what about a bank loan, modification or refinance? Is that still a possibility?

Some days, you may feel like giving up, turning over the keys and walking away from your home. If so, you’re not alone.

Why Experience Matters:

… I know just how it feels to have the bank come knocking and try to take your house. As a licensed real estate agent, short sale negotiator, and home owner myself, here in the West Valley of Los Angeles, I know what a beating the real estate market around here has taken lately. Thousands of home owners have been left owing more on their houses than they are worth, and are unable to sell when the time comes that they need to get out of the home and move on.

The Truth Is, That In Spite Of Our Best Intentions, House Problems Like Foreclosure Don’t Fix Themselves.

When you don’t have enough money to make your house payment and the bank has started threatening to foreclose, the situation usually gets worse and more expensive, the longer you wait. Rather than suddenly coming into more cash or a loan to make the problem go away, most people find that the bank buries them in late fees and legal costs that make the debt bigger and bigger.

The result for most people who wait and do nothing, or try to fix the problem themselves, is a disappointing and embarrassing foreclosure.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow and can create stress for children, put pressure on marriages, and even lead to depression or anxiety.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you could start following a concrete action plan that would help resolve the situation, rather than continue to sit by and watch helplessly as things fall apart around you?

We’ve Personally Helped Home Owners Across The West Valley Avoid Foreclosure On Their Homes

For Example:

  • Patty was injured in a car accident and unable to keep up with her payments. She wanted to do a loan modification with her bank, but they’d been giving her the run-around for over a year. We solved her problem, and now she’s one of our neighbors!
  • LaToya and Brandon couldn’t afford their home any more. I was able to complete a short sale on the house and they were so happy, they wrote me a wonderful thank you letter!
  • Treffany was living out of town when she needed to get help on a short sale property in Los Angeles that was being foreclosed upon. We made that work for her, too!

We have talked to so many home owners in the last few years who are struggling to figure out how to make the best of a tough situation. We can counsel you on your options, which may include:

  • Refinancing Your Home Loan
  • Declaring Bankruptcy
  • Selling The Home As-Is Or Via A Short Sale
  • Renting The Home
  • Tapping Into Government Assistance Programs
  • Negotiating A Loan Modification

These options and more, may or may not be a good fit for your situation, depending on the details of your situation, and the current real estate market.

A free no-obligation consultation is an easy way to get started moving toward a solution, rather than spinning in circles, with worry.

We are a Better Business Bureau A-Rated company that specializes in helping people assess and address their foreclosure situations, so they can turn around a troubling situation.

There are a lot of businesses who charge up-front for helping you negotiate agreements with the bank, regardless of the results or outcomes.

We’re different. In most cases we don’t charge you at all. We take our fees out of the bank’s side, ONLY when we are able to obtain positive results for you.

And you’ll never have to worry about all the paperwork hassles and phone calls of going back-and-forth with your lender to sort out the mess they’ve made of your housing finances. When we work with you, we do all the calling and paperwork, and send you updates every week (or even every day if that’s what you want). We make sure you always know exactly what the status is of your house, so you’re not frustrated by feeling left in the dark by the bank, anymore.

So, please take the first step toward resolving the situation with your house by calling us today at 310-704-2955.

“He Made A Stressful Situation Much Easier To Deal With”


Pat Almost Lost Her House To Foreclosure While Trying To Negotiate A Loan Modification With Her Bank

Pat Says:

“I was a year into trying for a loan modification (no results) when I saw Dave’s sign and called him. He was caring and knowledgeable in answering my many questions. I then decided to do a short sale with Dave after he gave me all the information I requested.

He handled everything quickly and efficiently,taking care of all the paperwork and made a stressful situation much easier for me to deal with.

I recommend his services to anyone who needs help as I did and am very glad I found him.

- Patricia


Here’s What You Can Expect When You Call:

  1. If you call my cell phone during the day, I will always pick up if I am available, of course, sometimes I am with another client or on the phone with the bank, so I can’t get to you right away. In that case, I will return your call within 2 business hours.
  2. The goal of the first call is to answer your questions. Most people are very unclear about what is going on with their house due to all the technical jargon and “legalese” coming at them from the bank. Plus banks are so overwhelmed with foreclosures these days, it’s very hard to talk to a customer rep on the phone.
  3. In order to offer you the best advice and strategy to handle your situation, I may have a few questions for you such as, “How much do you owe on your mortgage?” and “What do homes in your neighborhood typically sell for?” If you don’t know the answers that’s OK. I have ways to look up this data, but it’s easier when we talk if we can plug-in some of these numbers when they are known.
  4. Based on what you decide to do, I can then recommend the right professional service provider, such as a mortgage broker or bankruptcy attorney. If you are interested in selling the property, we may schedule an in-home consultation so I can assess what your home might sell for in the current real estate marketplace.
  5. Clients often call me crying and in tears because they don’t know what to do with their house. They always feel so much better after we talk because they better understand what’s happening, and have a plan to address the situation.
  6. You’ll also enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that we are experienced professionals who are committed to helping you stop the foreclosure on your property in a way that you can feel very good about.

Please don’t wait any longer. Call us at 310-704-2955, so we can answer your questions confidentially, address your concerns, or schedule a safe and confidential session to meet with you in person near your home or workplace.

It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You have our promise.


What’s The Best “Next Step” For You:


When we work together, you are always in control, and you have choices. Here are some choices you can make right now if you are ready to take your first step toward getting the house situation under control.

If you are ready to get help with your house, here are your options:

  1. Call my on my cell phone right now: 310-704-2955
  2. Call the toll-free number and listen to a 24-Hr. Recorded Message with more information about our services: 1-818-616-7117
  3. Fill out the email contact form with your questions and let us know if you would prefer to correspond by email or phone.
  4. Register to receive a complementary copy of our Special Report On How To Stop A Foreclosure On Your Los Angeles Home. (Fill out the form to the right, just enter your name and email address and click Submit.)
  5. Register to receive our special Guide To Understanding “What Is A Short Sale?” and whether it is right for you. (Also available – as a surprise bonus – when you fill out the form on the right sidebar.)
More Client Testimonials


From Jerome and Rhea B. After We Completed A Short Sale On Their Los Angeles, CA Home:


Words cannot express how much we appreciate your services. The entire process you had us at ease, informed and the whole while you were absolutely professional and diligent. We would recommend your services in a heart beat and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

Again, many thanks for helping us through such a difficult and sensitive period. Hope you are able to broaden your reach to other families in need!

– Jerome & Rhea B.

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